Latex is like a second skin — beautiful but fragile, and demands the same care and attention. Flaws in your latex garment can quickly grow, and improper storing can weaken your beloved garments.

Bring your latex back to life. We can help:

  • Repairs — Tears, split seams, broken zippers, missing rivets and more.
  • Restorations — Weak spots, hard spots, drying material.
  • Re-creations — An entire garment or a panel that needs more than a patch.
  • Alterations — Customize the fit, add a zipper or buckle, or customize with applique.

Creative solutions are available to you to keep those latex dreams coming. We can repair latex from a variety of manufacturers and designers. For example, we're the official repair house for Polymorphe, and use their trademark in-house latex for perfect matches to much-needed patches! Contact us to schedule an in-person consultation today, or inquire about how we can help heal your second skin.

Repair Samples